Advanced Soccer Training & Development

Skillz Check Soccer Academy was launched in 2007 in order to provide players of all ages with access to the highest level of skill and tactical development. Founder Mo Keita’s dedication and sincere belief in the importance of having soccer be a part of the lives of young athletes can be seen today in the range of opportunities that are offered year-round.

Regarded as the premier Academy in New England, the Skillz Check programs focus on skill and tactical development and not on team development and is a perfect complement for any player looking for additional training opportunities. Programs are presented through a unique dynamic and creative soccer training model developed by Mo Keita. Every session encourages players to use their imagination and creativity while playing. Fair play, respect, hard work and a genuine love for the game are also nurtured because Keita has a firm belief that soccer should be FUN no matter what age you are.

Keita personally selects, trains and oversees his coaching staff to ensure his training model is adered to at every session, camp and clinic. The innovative training approach provides an opportunity for total involvement for every player, no matter the skill level.